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*organized in July and August, workshop or e-learning.

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Créateur de Symfony

Recognized as Open-Source reference in PHP environment, SensioLabs creates software solutions, and provides professional services for enterprise and community.


Symfony and components, Silex, Twig...Discover the full range of SensioLabs software products.


Technical support, consultancy, training, agile methods : all SensioLabs professional services


A social network dedicated to Symfony Community, books edition, international conferences : SensioLabs at the service of the community

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    - Aug - Clichy

    Mastering Symfony2

    - Aug - Clichy

    Professional development with design patterns

    - Aug - Clichy

    PHP dependency management with Composer

    - Aug - Clichy

    Managing source code with Git

    - Sep - Cologne

    Getting Started with Symfony2