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We Are Open

Because we believe that in order to advance, we have to surround ourselves with experts, remain open to new ideas and listen to others. And because we have to see differently to see more, we believe in exchange and mutual enrichment so we can all go further together.

Innovation and R&D

Since 1998 we have poured our heart and soul into more than 1,000 web projects and this experience is why today we design the best tools. Our motto? Do not create just to create – use Open Source to enhance what already exists.

At SensioLabs, innovation is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Standards and practices change quickly and we change with them. We allocate 30% of our turnover to Research and Development conducted by our dedicated R&D team. A large portion goes to Open Source projects or is split among many reference tools.

We also rely on our employees to help us advance. One Thursday a month we meet with the R&D team and Fabien Potencier in an office-wide educational session to develop in-house, Open Source or other projects. Our relaxed, "Anything goes Thursdays" stimulate our creativity and encourage innovation.

We are eligible for the Research Tax Credit (RTC), have been awarded "innovative company" status by the French Ministry of Research and are supported by OSEO (a French government corporation that funds innovation and entrepreneurs).

Simplicity and pragmatism

"Sensio" is a nod to the Spanish "Sencillo," which means simple. The very idea on which a Web project is based. All our products and services are designed to make developers' lives easier and allow them to focus on designing a project's most enriching features and business specifications.
So developers don't have to reinvent the wheel for every project, but can use a framework and pragmatic development processes.

The Human Element

As important as tools and methods are to a project, its value comes from the men and women who work on it. Listening is at the core of our work methods. We listen to each other and to our partners, our customers and, of course, to the communities that have been created around our Open Source projects.