Our most important business investment is you!

When you work for SensioLabs, we are just
as concerned about your future as you are!

We strive to create a work environment where developers are happy and continue to grow their skill sets.

That’s why we’ve created SensioLabs University, an unbelievably exciting opportunity for everyone who works here! We want to incite you to push yourself beyond what you thought imaginable and give you the skills and guidance to succeed.

Courses include theoretical sessions, practical applications of your ideas, internal long-run projects and:

  • Quizzes and Code check games to rate your level and progress while having fun!
  • A plethora of documentation at your fingertips to help you correct your mistakes
  • An upcoming tech-only blog dedicated to publishing your genius ideas!
  • Regular study groups to help you prepare for the certification exam
  • Regular visits and lectures from Symfony ecosystem “stars”
  • Personal, group and internal long-run projects to fine-tune your code!
  • Participate in/speak at our Symfony.Live conferences!

And there’s more…

As a training provider, SensioLabs is authorized to offer training courses to the general public, PHP developers, IT systems managers, project managers, etc. We offer a wide range of subjects including PHP/MySQL environments, Symfony, best practices and Agile methods.

Our teachers are our technical experts, the real people who work for our company. If you are interested in becoming a trainer, have the required skill level and want to actively contribute to the continual developments in the Open Source community, we will help you make that happen!

After working every day with our framework, we hope you will want to pass the Symfony certification exam. We’ll help you study, encourage you and even pay for your test when you’re ready!

Like we said, YOU are our number one business investment!