Development Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)

The Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) describes the methodology implemented to guarantee the quality of consulting services and web developments throughout the project: especially tests, quality processes and delivery conditions.

If you are asking these questions:

  • Are my tools adapted to the business challenges?
  • Which full-stack tools can I use to measure the quality of my application?
  • How can I limit my technical debt from the start of the project?
  • How can I ensure the security of my application throughout the project?
  • How to serenely manage my production launch?

Then this offer is for you:

  • Needs assessment and analysis of the project organization.
  • Evaluation of the functional and technical risks of your application project.
  • Choice of tools according to the technical stack, the business challenges and the implementation.
  • Support for the implementation of tools and processes.

Walk away with:

  • Briefing meeting on the global context of the project and the expected points of concern.
  • Analysis and audit of the existing tooling and processes.
  • Recommendations and implementation of tests and continuous integration chain.
  • Workshop to help you handle the tools.

Concerned expert for SensioLabs :

Why choose SensioLabs?

  1. Symfony creator expertise
  2. Un-equaled mastery of the latest releases, functions, roadmap,
    security breaks
    , etc.
  3. Best certified worldwide resources for the framework
  4. Total access to the entire range of SensioLabs products - quality, security, performance, audit, etc.
  5. Most unique experience and knowledge on the market (architecture, scalability, deployment, methodology, migration)