Symfony Certification

Are you a professional web developer? Do you master Symfony? Do you want your expertise or your team to gain recognition? Then, there’s just one thing to do next: the SensioLabs Symfony Certification!

Preparation for the certification exams

How to prepare for the exam?

The best way to become a Symfony Certified Developer is to study with its creators! To help you get ready for your exam, this classroom workshop will review every section of the Symfony 2.3 Certification exam with a SensioLabs Certified instructor. This training is specifically designed for people who already have deep knowledge of the Symfony framework and who wish to validate and consolidate their skills before taking the official Symfony 2.3 Certification exam.

SensioLabs offers this dedicated training to prepare completely for the Symfony 2.3 certification exam. This training is available as a 3-day workshop, prices starting from 1,690€ or online, 20 hours from 990€.

Symfony 3.0 and Twig Preparation workshops coming soon!