Jacopo Romei, Ideato

Jacopo Romei is an agile coach and a developer working for Ideato. He has been working as a PHP developer since 1999. He is as well an active contributor of the Symfony CMF project.

Interview recorded on June 8th 2012 during Symfony Live Paris conference.

Jacopo Romei

What is your earliest memory of Symfony?

My earliest memory of Symfony goes back a long! In 2005, I was using Agavi and Mojavi, and I adopted Symfony 0.6 in October 2005 for a project of mine. So I am what people call an early adopter.

Symfony2 makes the innovation a true target.

Why did you choose Symfony and not another framework?

I was looking for a broad approach. In 2005, other technologies and services were not providing it. Symfony2 makes the innovation a true target: 1 or 2 years ago, you didn't find dependence injection container technology in other PHP frameworks for example.

What does Symfony represent today for you and your customers?

Actually Symfony is a way to hook my customers and my developers to a given standard. It’s a sort of common ground to discuss about good practices. So, when it means to change direction or move away from Symfony, that’s anyway a starting point. With user groups and developers I can recruit, Symfony gives common language.

What do you expect from Symfony and SensioLabs for Italian and international community?

Well, I expect a higher value for the market, providing a good common standard. If the standard gets de facto and widely shared, then business gets easier. That’s the reason why behind the Symfony CMF project I’m working to provide a common toolset to think about the business side of the project, and not every time the same technical aspects.