Lukas Smith, Liip

Lukas Kahwe Smith is a PHP developer. He has been involved in PEAR, PHP internals, Doctrine and Symfony2. Especially the CMF initiative.

Interview recorded on June 8th 2012 during Symfony Live Paris conference.

Lukas Kahwe Smith

Since when do you know and use Symfony?

I started to work five years ago in a company, in Switzerland, which was using Symfony. I hated Symfony in the four or five first months. Then I started to see some positive points and I have to admit that many improvements have been done with Symfony. After that I switched to a new company where they were a little bit worried about adopting other process frameworks. But two and half years ago Fabien Potencier came to Zurich and we discussed about what part of Symfony could be used in our future CMS application. Finally I have to admit that: we just use Symfony2 and CMF initiative which aim to provide infrastructure to enable developers to quickly create custom CMS solutions on top of Symfony2.

That’s my third Symfony Live Conference and there are a lot of people that I meet every year.

Could you summarize your talk at the conference?

The presentation was about Symfony CMF initiative. We tried to show that the state of development is pretty closed to the first release of the project. The showcase was about what exactly we have already and how it could help Liip team to be more productive in our developments (we're actually using it in production). Hopefully, the showcase will motivate people to join our project and help us in the same time.

Can you give us your general feedback of the conference?

When I came to my hotel room there was already some candies waiting for me. I don’t think any organization has ever done something like this but that was very nice! Of course I liked the location in general. There are such nice buildings and we really feel the history. Sometimes it’s a little bit loud but in the same time this is a really nice auditorium. That’s my third Symfony Live Conference and there are a lot of people that I meet every year. I have to admit that this is a good moment because I don’t see so many people out of this conference. For all those points that’s completely nice!