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PHP Framework Migration: from Legacy to Symfony

How to migrate safely from a PHP legacy application or an unmaintained PHP framework app to Symfony

Guide : How to provide the best solutions for your PHP & Symfony Projects and Teams?

This white paper guides you through the best practices, tools and methods that will help you boost the performances of your Symfony and PHP teams and projets.

Trust the creators of the most downloaded professional PHP famework in the world!

Facilitating your developers' lives

Guide part 1.

how to garantee code quality and control your the technical debt of your apps, optimize the performance of your PHP and Symfony apps, or speed up your developments?

Ensuring the success of your Symfony project

Guide part 2.

How to build a technical architecture that meets your business challenges, stimulate your tech team's efficiency, migrate existing apps to the latest version of Symfony, or quickly identify and resolve a drift in your SYmfony projects?

Building an efficient PHP and Symfony technical team

Guide part 3.

How to upscale your technical team's skills, recruit additional Symfony-trained staff, or strengthen your team for a short-term mission?

Why Symfony?

This guide will allow you to discover and learn about the Symfony Open Source Framework, world leader in PHP development tools.

Symfony has major advantages: Open Source, improve developer productivity, flexible and adaptable to projects and teams of all sizes.

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