The passion for innovation

SensioLabs’ name was inspired by the Spanish word
“sencillo” for “simple”.

The Credo

Advancement means surrounding ourselves with experts, remaining open to new ideas and listening to others. That’s why we always look outside the box, to continue creating, innovating and keep an eye on what’s coming down the road.

For many years, we have poured our heart, time, energy and talent into thousands of web projects, valuable experience that has enabled us to design some of the most innovative tools and products on today’s market.

Innovation is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Standards, practices, use and needs change quickly and constantly which is why we allocate 30% of our turnover to Research and Development. Our dedicated development team is always at the head of new trends.

All of our products and solutions are designed to make developers’ and IT decision makers lives easier and allow them to focus on designing the most enriching and business specific aspects of a project.

No need to start from scratch. Our solutions lend themselves to pragmatic, efficient development.

The numbers

150 employees and a network of experts and partners in more than 30 countries

7 offices throughout France and Europe (UK and Germany since 2012) and in the USA (San Francisco)

5 million euros raised in round-A financing (December 2013)

500 Million Symfony 2 downloads between 2011 and 2016, reaching the Billion Symfony 2 downloads on September 5th 2017

More than 25 million visits on our Open Source and Business sites

More than 500,000 Symfony developers worldwide

5 Symfony conferences yearly

Thousands of people trained every year

Hundreds of meetups, gatherings, introductions, conferences and talks every year.

Open Source and more…

As a leading player in the Open Source community, we strive to promote free software innovations and quality, affordable solutions to support them. Creator of the Symfony PHP framework, we have also designed and/or contributed to other Open Source products such as Twig, Silex and Swiftmailer. The most recent additions to our line of quality products and services are SymfonyInsight and Blackfire.

We thrive on the passion that fuels our innovation. Motivated by Fabien Potencier, recognized worldwide for his cutting-edge development ideas and multiple reference guides, and Gregory Pascal, the guts and strategic genius that steers SensioLabs, our employees push the limits of PHP products that not only satisfy the needs of today’s worldwide web market, but pave the way for future innovations.