Agile Bootstrap Workshop

Our Agile Bootstrap Workshop will outline your application development project in order to define the functional needs. According to the Scrum method, you will create an easy-to-use backlog and mock-ups to be able to start working on User Stories and get the most suitable offers.
This workshop has a strategic value when initiating an Agile development project as the backlog is the document that will drive all the sprints of the project. The backlog contains the list of functionalities, their Business Value and their complexity, which enables the prioritization of developments.

If you are asking these questions:

  • How to go from a list of needs to a functional backlog?
  • How to prioritize my developments according to the Scrum methodology?
  • What could the backlog of my application look like? 

Then this offer is for you:

  • Functional scoping of your Agile project
  • Definition and prioritization of Epic Stories and User Stories according to their Business Value
  • Creation of a functional backlog

Walk away with:

  • Workshop to get acquainted with the business challenges and the functional roadmap
  • Support in the writing and management of Epic stories and User stories
  • Review of the backlog listing all Epic and User Stories to estimate the project load
  • Duration: 3 consecutive days with the business manager

Concerned expert for SensioLabs :

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    security breaks
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  3. Best certified worldwide resources for the framework
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