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If you or your teams are having difficulties that are costing you time and money, the creators of Symfony offer a full range of professional solutions and pre-packaged or custom-made services to get you or your teams up to speed.

Intelligent solutions to help your business soar!

Cloud Infrastructure Workshop

In just a few days, the Cloud Infrastructure Workshop will teach you how to design the optimal Symfony infrastructure that conforms to all the best practices in web development.

If you are asking these questions:

  • How do I design an infrastructure that not only handles all my current needs, but will also evolve and grow into the future?
  • How do I respect my application’s level of criticity, especially concerning availability and performance?
  • How should I monitor and capitalize on collected data?
  • How do I build a network of optimal services and organize the flow between them?

Then this offer is for you:

  • Define a complete map of your infrastructure which will detail long-term, scalable operations, optimized and adapted to your short and long-term business needs
  • Optimization and dimensioning hosting capacities
  • Design and separation of existing services to create an ideal level of inter-service communication capable of handling global project requirements
  • Set-up a monitoring repository which will permit you to understand the technical and business uses of your application
  • Industrialization map of the deployment process to insure continuous optimal performance

Walk away with:

  • Briefing meeting
  • Essential points and intermediate workshops to better understand your current and future needs and stakes
  • Final restitution meeting with our architect for at least one full day in addition to delivery of a summary report and recommendations which include delivery of the complete infrastructure map and a deployment roadmap

Concerned expert for SensioLabs :

Why choose SensioLabs?

  1. Symfony creator expertise
  2. Un-equaled mastery of the latest releases, functions, roadmap,
    security breaks
    , etc.
  3. Best certified worldwide resources for the framework
  4. Total access to the entire range of SensioLabs products - quality, security, performance, audit, etc.
  5. Most unique experience and knowledge on the market (architecture, scalability, deployment, methodology, migration)