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If you or your teams are having difficulties that are costing you time and money, the creators of Symfony offer a full range of professional solutions and pre-packaged or custom-made services to get you or your teams up to speed.

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Progressive Migration

Progressive Migration, conceived to accompany you step-by-step and help you migrate faster and cleaner from an existing application toward Symfony. This is the chance for your teams to improve their skills using correct, best development practices and easily integrate new functions.

If you are asking these questions:

  • What are the best conditions for migrating my current application to Symfony?
  • How can I make two different applications co-exist on the same project for a specific amount of time?
  • How do I capitalize on and combine functions or modules from the old system with the new one without penalizing my application and/or my business?
  • How can I insure that my team will be capable and competent to make this transition toward better, current development standards?
  • How can I develop short cycles and an optimal level of efficiency while maintaining code quality?
  • How do I create a secure environment for my team and my project?

Then this offer is for you:

  • Analysis and audit of what you have
  • Identification of primary and priority components to migrate
  • Define a migration roadmap that will guarantee total convergence in the medium-term
  • Implementation of SensioLabs methodology and tools for a successful migration
  • Highlights on code and data base dependencies to drive your project
  • Macro cohabitation chart to limit transitory costs and maintain part of existing technique
  • Accompaniment for your team in integrating these new functions
  • Prevention of risks linked to your current platform
  • Evaluation of cost and migration delays
  • Accompaniment, follow-up and training for your team on a daily basis
  • Implementation of SensioLabs tools, processes and methods for continuous delivery
  • Utilization and recommendations on best practices for deployment
  • Master quality and evolution of your developments
  • Consolidation of your technical base (security, performance, etc.)
  • Regular testing of technical complexity and technical debt
  • Help and technical support with complex developments
  • Optimize release cycles and production time

Walk away with:

  • Meeting to understand the context
  • Audit and analysis of what you have
  • Intermediary points and Q&A
  • Meeting for full restitution with our architect for at least half a day, delivery of a full report and recommendations including precise instructions on how to optimize your migration
  • Analytical workshop concentrating on the global context and presentation of the project team
  • Presentation of and interactions about the roadmap
  • Recommendations on release cycles
  • Recommendation on dividing sprints/lots
  • Regular team follow-up (frequency to be defined)
  • Implementation of repository and management tools (performance/quality/follow-up: essentially SensioLabs products)
  • Code review/Periodic refactoring
  • Training
  • Technical support for your teams
  • Regular reporting and recommendations to follow (optional)

Concerned expert for SensioLabs :

Why choose SensioLabs?

  1. Symfony creator expertise
  2. Un-equaled mastery of the latest releases, functions, roadmap,
    security breaks
    , etc.
  3. Best certified worldwide resources for the framework
  4. Total access to the entire range of SensioLabs products - quality, security, performance, audit, etc.
  5. Most unique experience and knowledge on the market (architecture, scalability, deployment, methodology, migration)