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If you or your teams are having difficulties that are costing you time and money, the creators of Symfony offer a full range of professional solutions and pre-packaged or custom-made services to get you or your teams up to speed.

Intelligent solutions to help your business soar!

Feasibility Study

The "Feasibility Study" offer allows you to discover and learn about Symfony and how it works so that you can confirm this framework as the best choice for your company.

If you are asking these questions:

  • What is Symfony?
  • What are the important concepts and advantages?
  • Why use a framework?
  • Is Symfony the best solution to satisfy my needs?
  • How will I benefit from this choice?

Then this offer is for you:

  • Complete presentation of the philosophy, advantages and primary characteristics of Symfony
  • Discovery of the framework, its primary components and the incredible ecosystem that accompanies it: community, Symfony-based products and solutions, creator support, available resources, integrated partners, roadmap, references and case studies…
  • We’ll give you a general overview and show you the concrete advantages to be gained using Symfony for your specific project needs

Walk away with:

  • A start-up report to help you understand your context and environment
  • ½ day workshop and Q&A with a SensioLabs consultant including a detailed support description

Concerned expert for SensioLabs :

Why choose SensioLabs?

  1. Symfony creator expertise
  2. Un-equaled mastery of the latest releases, functions, roadmap,
    security breaks
    , etc.
  3. Best certified worldwide resources for the framework
  4. Total access to the entire range of SensioLabs products - quality, security, performance, audit, etc.
  5. Most unique experience and knowledge on the market (architecture, scalability, deployment, methodology, migration)