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If you or your teams are having difficulties that are costing you time and money, the creators of Symfony offer a full range of innovative products, precise, professional solutions and pre-packaged or custom-made services to get you or your teams up to speed.

Intelligent solutions to help your business soar! Continuous PHP Performance Testing

Fire up your PHP apps performance

Blackfire empowers all developers and IT/Ops to continuously verify and improve their app's performance, throughout its lifecycle, by getting the right information at the right moment. Automate performance tests in development, staging and production. Integrate Blackfire in your existing workflows and tools.


PHP Project Quality Done right

Control your code through more than 100 quality checks and cover every single aspect of your application. Integrate SensioLabsInsight in your development process and never let bad code be merged unnoticed.

Security Advisories Checker

Check your PHP project for known security issues!

Are you sure that your PHP project dependencies are safe enough? The SensioLabs security advisories checker is a simple tool, available as a web service or as an online application, that uses the information from your composer.lock file to check for known security vulnerabilities.

Open Source Products


Symfony is comprised of software components. Each component is designed to be independent, but interoperable with all other components. With Symfony you can build a custom framework based on your needs, around a structure and shared standards. Concentrate on key business rules since Symfony allows you to reuse developed features even from other projects.

With this highly intelligent structure, projects developed with Symfony have better flexibility, maintainability and scalability. Prestigious reference such as Dailymotion, Drupal and phpBB have adopted an adore our framework.


Swift Mailer

Swift Mailer integrates into any web app written in PHP 5, offering a flexible and elegant object-oriented approach to sending emails with a multitude of features. Send emails using SMTP, sendmail, postfix or a custom Transport implementation of your own. Support servers that require username & password and/or encryption. Protect from header injection attacks without stripping request data content. Send MIME compliant HTML/multipart emails. Use event-driven plugins to customize the library. Handle large attachments and inline/embedded images with low memory use.



Twig is a strong and extensible PHP template engine used in Silex and Symfony. It improves the readability of HTML code with less complicated syntax than standard PHP and has a sandbox mode to secure applications (white lists, filters, etc.). Use it to add features to PHP for each project.

With Twig, Symfony is the only commercial Framework to offer a native template engine. Try it; you'll love it.



Silex is a micro-Framework based on Symfony components. It is ideal for developing light Web applications. Simpler and with a faster learning curve than Full Stack, Silex provides the perfect balance between structuring and best practices, while still maintaining the power and reliability of Symfony components. A decisive advantage over other commercial micro-frameworks.