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If you or your teams are having difficulties that are costing you time and money, the creators of Symfony offer a full range of innovative products, precise, professional solutions and pre-packaged or custom-made services to get you or your teams up to speed.

Intelligent solutions to help your business soar!

Whatever you need, whenever you need it, SensioLabs has the professional service for you!


Bootstrapping, Architecture, Support: Take advantage of technological advances (upgrades, security patches...), improve the maintainability of your applications and enjoy a special relationship with the Symfony core team.

Ask our expert

If you have ever dreamed of having a SensioLabs certified or official partner expert all to yourself, just hire one by the hour! Depending on the urgency and scope of your problem, SensioLabs will find the fastest and best expert match for you!


The tools and methods taught by the Symfony2 coach will help you optimize cost, deadlines and above all, the quality of applications developed with Symfony2.

Technical assistance

We can provide you with a team of highly qualified projects managers and developers to assist you with project completion and maintenance or provide one-time support. We can also train your teams, teach them best practices and quickly turn them into independent Symfony developers.